Benny Seymour

Personal Trainer, Motivator & Fitness Influencer

Former professional rugby league player and highly-sort-after personal trainer, Benny Seymour has grown a steady social media following thanks to his inspiring healthy lifestyle.

Training clients at P.E DEPT. in Sydney’s Potts Point and larger groups over the weekend at BeFit Training in Double Bay – Benny has quickly become one of the names closely associated with helping create Sydney’s famous fitness buzz.

Benny has played professional rugby in Sydney, Perth, New Zealand, France and most recently Italy in 2015. Playing a sport professionally at such a high level has led to his love and dedication of training.

The personal trainer now lives for the rewarding feeling of helping others reach their own fitness goals. Playing in a professional team environment was valuable and priceless experience that he now uses to empower and encourage his own clients on a daily basis.

First starting Instagram as a place to share his life abroad with family and friends, Benny now uses his social media channels to highlight his career in personal training.

With a relatable fitness philosophy rooted in being active, heading outdoors and only engaging in physical activities you genuinely enjoy, his Instagram following of men and women alike relate to his feed that showcases gruelling workouts, healthy habits and even occasional treat-days where he will enjoy a burger and chips.

Benny’s success can largely be put down to his relatable and honest demeanour – qualities his fan base and wellness brands both admire.

Instagram @seemorebenny