By Brookelle

High-glam Beauty Influencer

Discovering her passion for makeup while getting ready for school discos in high school, Brookelle McKenzie had no idea her hobby would one day become a career. Reflecting on those early days of trying to recreate her favourite looks with $2 beauty products, Brookelle never imagined she would go on to collaborate with some of the world’s biggest beauty brands.

Originally from New Zealand and residing in Noosa, QLD since she was five, Brookelle began working in retail after finishing high school. She then studied a Diploma in Makeup Artistry before returning to full time work. As a mere passion project, Brookelle started her Instagram account where she would share the unique makeup looks she had created in her spare time.

Brookelle’s followers rapidly began to increase as makeup and beauty devotees discovered her incredible talent. However, it wasn’t until she reached 100K followers that Brookelle realised she could potentially pursue her passion as a career. She decided to quit her day job and started freelancing as a makeup artist. Finally focussing on her true passion, it wasn’t long before her following skyrocketed.

Now boasting over 900,000 followers on Instagram, Brookelle has become one of Australia’s major beauty influencers. Attracting 100’s of thousands of views on her mini Instagram tutorials and incredible engagement on each and every post, Brookelle has the power to create beauty trends and ignite cult-like followings of her favourite products.

Brookelle is known for her high-glam, dramatic makeup. Bold lips, exquisite contouring and flawless brows are all signature looks she executes with the highest attention to detail. Keeping ahead of the global beauty trends, Brookelle loves nothing more than to master new creative techniques, never afraid to experiment with daring combinations.

While her full glamour everyday looks are sure-fire crowd pleasers, Brookelle is a specialist at creating lust-worthy festival, Halloween and costume makeup. One scroll through her Instagram account and you will undoubtedly be inspired to try one of her hypnotic looks.

Collaborating with a range of leading beauty and cosmetic brands including Iconic London, Socialise Lashes, Loving Tan and Brighter White just to name a few, Brookelle is committed to working with products and brands she genuinely loves and rates. With a YouTube channel in the works and plans to create Makeup Masterclasses for her legions of adoring fans, there’s no doubt Brookelle will continue to reign supreme as a one of the country’s most influential makeup creatives.

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