Camilla Akerberg

Globetrotter & Fitness Guru

One scroll of Camilla Akerberg’s Instagram and you’ll instantly be inspired to book a beachside holiday and start working on your bikini body. Camilla masterfully combines travel, fitness inspiration and fashion to create a feed overflowing with wanderlust and #fitnessgoals!

As a little girl growing up in Finland, Camilla dreamt of moving to Australia and becoming a marine biologist. While it may have seemed like a fairytale for a 10-year-old living on the other side of the world, determined Camilla made her dreams a reality, moving to Australia when she was 20.

Camilla studied Marine Biology in QLD where she lived for seven years. She loved the degree and still has a strong affinity for the ocean and wildlife to this day, however soon realised it was more of a passion than her career path. She started looking for other career avenues and fell in love with fitness and nutrition.

While it started out as purely a personal interest, the more that Camilla researched and educated herself on all thing’s health and wellbeing, the more she realised it was her calling. Now, as a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Nutrition Coach residing in Sydney, Camilla works one-on-one with clients and through her comprehensive range of online programs. She’s also makes regular appearances as a fitness coach at health retreats in exotic destinations around the world including Bali and Mykonos.

Sharing her almost-too-good-to-be-true lifestyle on Instagram for over five years, Camilla has attracted a strong following of hundreds of thousands of devoted fans. Showcasing all things fitness and workout related, healthy meal prep and inspiration, travel as well as her favourite fashion finds, Camilla’s effortless beauty and envy-inducing bikini body make her the ultimate influencer.

Camilla’s approach to health and fitness is one of wellness, rather than rigid rules and unrealistic goals. Through taking care of the body and mind, Camilla inspires her followers to lead a more fulfilled, confident and healthy life. One of Camilla’s biggest joys is being able to show other women how they can maintain a lifestyle that enables them to not only look their best, but to feel amazing.

Travel has always been a huge part of Camilla’s life. As a child growing up in Europe, her parents would take her on holidays to other countries every year – something Camilla credits for giving her a curious mind and love for adventure. Thanks to this adventurous spirit, Camilla’s feed is a highlight reel of her international travels, where she shares her favourite places to eat, stay and of course workout.

Camilla has worked with brands across fashion, fitness apparel and fitness supplements, travel, fashion and swimwear. As a qualified PT and nutrition coach, Camilla’s followers look to her quality content for inspiration, mini-workouts and tips for staying in shape whilst travelling. Some of the brands Camilla works with include Rider Wear, Women’s Best, Lounge Wear, Aura Eve. She also loves collaborating with likeminded skincare, mineral based beauty and fashion brands – effortlessly sharing her favourite finds with some of the world’s most picturesque destinations as the backdrop.