Carrie Ma

Solo Traveller

There isn’t a single thing Carrie hasn’t conquered or discovered – Carrie is an Author, Pilot, Uni Professor and Entrepreneur all in one!

Carrie is well-travelled visiting over 100 countries on her solo journey. This is how Carrie began sharing her stories and experiences via her Instagram, Carrie further flourished into a well-respected author with her book publication “I don’t allow you to travel alone” with over 250,000 copies sold alone in Mainland China.

Carrie has over 8 years’ experience working in the media industry under her belt. Scrolling through Carrie’s socials her content varies from travel, food and fashion. Carrie is highly skilled in the fields of public speaking, playwriting, photography, film and video editing. Carrie is a seasoned Journalist and personable interviewer who offers extensive experience in news reporting, editing and broadcasting. Carrie is committed to quality and timely production of high-impact stories, capturing the attention and loyalty of diverse audiences within high-pressure environments.

Carrie is consistently inspiring people around the world by sharing her cultural experiences.

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