Cass Sersemis

Beauty Sensation & Youtuber

With her fresh faced beauty and playful fashion choices, Instagrammer Cass Sersemis is leading the way in Australia for teen style influencers. While only 22 years old, Cass has built an incredible following of fans who want to emulate her look down to every last detail – a modern day muse for the new Instagram set.

Cass started her Tumblr 5 years ago, posting a mix of style inspiration and her own fashion and beauty shots. Cass’s signature aesthetic and gorgeous collection of imagery soon earned her a strong following. When Cass created her Instagram account, many of her Tumblr fans followed and it wasn’t long before thousands more did too.

Cass’s look is fresh and youthful, an effortless fusion of edgy and girly pieces. Modern in her approach, she is always looking for the latest trends and hottest new labels to express her adventurous spirit. A keen traveler, Cass has visited Tahiti, Bora Bora, USA, China and Europe – no doubt influencing her quirky style. Preferring monochromatic tones, Cass explores trends through unique cuts, fabrics and textures ensuring her wardrobe is always evolving but remaining true to her natural style.

A self taught beauty enthusiast, Cass’s makeup and beauty routine are almost as talked about as her sartorial selections. Watching countless You Tube tutorials Cass mastered low key makeup, mixing it up for evenings, festivals and events. Recently launching her own You Tube channel, Cass has started filming guides to recreating her look, and like everything Miss Sersemis sets her social media-savvy mind to, fans can’t seem to get enough.

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