Chloe Sue

Fashionable Foodie

Chloe Sue takes food, fashion, beauty & lifestyle influencing to new heights!

Chloe is a Chinese KOL who is based in Sydney, Chloe has a strong following in which she cleverly connects the local market to the Chinese audience seamlessly. With an innate sense of lifestyle aesthetics, there is no wonder why people turn to Chloe for inspiration on all fronts.

Chloe’s passion for content creation and skill for photography elevates her social influencing ability’s above most within the industry. Chloe has worked alongside major brands such as La Mer, Clinique, Phytologic, Ferragamo just to create a short list.

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Chloe Sue总是能展现出对美食,时尚,美妆,生活方式和审美风格的独特解读,并将她自身的影响力上升到新的高度!

作为一名在悉尼的中国KOL/社交媒体影响者,Chloe Sue拥有着庞大的粉丝群体,这使她得以不断地将澳洲本土最前沿的时尚态度与资讯,带给广大中国消费者们。Chloe对生活中的美学有敏锐的观察力与独特的见解,这也让她在时尚等领域成为众多人的潮流风向标。

凭借对文字影像创作的热情,以及出众的摄影技能,Chloe形成了自己独树一帜的风格,同时在社交媒体平台上建立了不可比拟的影响力。与Chloe合作过的国际品牌包括La Mer, Clinique, Phytologic, Ferragamo等。