Coastal Hampton Style

Self-confessed Interiors Addict

Susanna Tolo remembers admiring beautiful homes as a little girl. This lifelong obsession with gorgeous interiors and home styling has culminated in Susanna’s extraordinarily popular Coastal Hampton Style Instagram, whereby she curates one of Australia’s most recognisable and lust-worthy interior feeds.

Born in Italy, Susanna started moving and travelling around the world when she was 9 as her Dad worked for international mining companies. Her family lived in Zambia, PNG and finally Australia, exposing Susanna to different cultures and lifestyles from a young age. During those years of living the expat lifestyle, Susanna remembers visiting lots of houses and being fascinated with different styles and how families curated their unique style in a home. She laughs that even as a child, she was mentally taking notes for her future dream house!

During those years, Susanna said no matter how small or modest their own home was, her mother, who studied interior design, always styled it impeccably, making a house a home with her magic touch. Susanna believes mother’s passion and talent undoubtedly influenced her love for beautiful interiors, something she has carried with her – and is now sharing with the world.

In less than 2 years, Susanna has gone from not knowing how to use Instagram, to amassing almost 90K followers. Finally succumbing to endless encouragement from friends to create an Instagram account, Susanna started sharing images of homes and interiors that she loved and its clear her style resonates with many! Her incredible eye for design and ability to create a passionate community around her page has seen Coastal Hampton Style become a go-to resource for home-owners, renovators and home-styling enthusiasts alike.

Coastal Hampton Style is Susanna’s visual diary of American and Australian homes with a unique focus on Hampton-esque, coastal and classic styling. Her flawless curation of images includes interiors, exteriors as well as documenting the renovation of her own home on the Gold Coast. Each image is carefully selected, ensuring a seamless Hamptons aesthetic that attracts serious engagement from her loyal following.

More than just posting pictures, Susanna tirelessly researches the origins of each image, giving credit to the architects, designers and builders wherever possible. Susanna says one of the best things about the Coastal Hampton Style community that she’s created is that its become not only a place for inspiration, but also somewhere were people share tips, advice and supplier information. “Its such a positive, welcoming and inspiring space where I can share images that I love and where people connect over their shared passion for home design and styling”.

Susanna has recently launched a YouTube channel where she showcases home-walkthroughs, giving her insights and commentary on the styling and design of each house. The home tours started at as Instagram stories, but were so popular, her fans kept asking where they could see them again! Susanna is a natural and comfortable in front of the camera, making her a relatable and highly-enjoyable guide as she shares her insights and opinions whilst showcasing stunning homes.

Not surprisingly, Susanna’s influence and passion have seen her work with a number of home and interior brands including National Tiles, Porta Davis Homes and Scyon Walls as well as numerous, boutique brands and artists. With a flawless eye for detail and tangible passion, Susanna is cementing her place as an expert on all things coastal, Hampton inspired style!