Cynthia Taylu

Model & Blogger

After becoming a finalist on Love Island Australia’s 2019 season, Cynthia Taylu captured the nation with her lovable and easy-going character. Reality TV aside, with a journalism and public relations degree, the model, actress and writer, is truly the author of her own narrative.

With a growing and highly engaged social media following, Cynthia prides herself on using her platform to air the issues that really matter – issues she’s passionate to expand upon in her soon-to-launch blog.

She prides herself on engaging with her followers with sincerity, grace and style and always tries to handle social media in a left-of-field way. From sharing intimate moments in her life, to her many modelling adventures and beauty and lifestyle features, there’s no subject (or content) she won’t share.

A creative at heart, Taylu is constantly striving to maintain artistic integrity in her content by incorporating relaxed, yet cinematic imagery – she’s never afraid to test the waters!

With the future firmly in her sights, Cynthia is making plans to move into television presenting and interviewing, delving into human interest stories that uplift and push her peers to question the world they live in and the part they play in it.

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