Design by Aikonik

Sleek and Stylish Imagery Creative

With a sleek, monochromatic aesthetic and beautifully composed imagery, Design by Aikonik is the creative space of Melbourne based Communication Designer Carissa Smart. As a professional graphic designer, Carissa works with clients to develop unique identity branding, print media, photography and typography. Design by Aikonik is Carissa’s personal outlet to showcase her eye for design and image composition, sharing a collection of perfectly styled lifestyle shots.

Carissa started freelancing before launching her design business in 2006. Working with clients across a broad spectrum of industries, Carissa built an impressive portfolio of work. However, she always had a niggling voice in the back of her mind that she should be doing something more creative and separate from her design work.

In 2014 Carissa decided that Instagram was a platform where she could share her vision. Using her professional eye for design, innate sense of style and her lifelong love for photography, Carissa has developed her unique Instagram presence. More recently, as an extension of the Design by Aikonik brand, she has also started a blog of the same name where she writes fashion and lifestyle focused posts – accompanied by her flawless imagery.

Carissa has embraced the unique visual experience of Instagram and flat lay culture, snapping a perfectly styled, cohesive feed of photographs. By her own admission, Carissa is fastidious about the quality of every image, seeking to compose simple yet intriguing and inspirational content. Featuring a balanced mix of fashion, lifestyle, travel and still life imagery, Design by Aikonik is a style aficionado’s dream.

Design by Aikonik has partnered with a number of brands to create captivating imagery and brand stories, including Clinique, Toni&Guy, Moccona Coffee, Decjuba and Fashion Bunker. Carissa’s unique eye for detail combined with her professional experience in design and visual communication make Design by Aikonik a visually immersive and polished digital destination.


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