Eden Dally

Reality Star and Fitness Guru

Eden Dally rose to fame as one of the most iconic contenders of Australia’s first series of Love Island. Love Island smashed digital ratings and propelled Eden into the spotlight. The much loved runner-ups ability to create waves throughout the house made him a favourite to watch. Eden not only won the heart of Erin Barnett but Australia!

Behind this buff exterior is a witty, cheeky and self-assured man of principle with a six pack to match! With a work ethic like no other, Eden is also a fitness instructor and a model. Eden has some big plans in the pipeline for next year, focusing on his passion for health and fitness. This qualified nutritionist will soon launch his fitness business making him one savvy entrepreneur in the works.

Eden’s likeable nature has driven his social numbers to the hundred thousands with huge engagement. Coming off Love Island has ensured Eden has kept a strong fan base. These fans have been flocking to his guest appearances, events and social feeds. Eden has done well to keep this fan base by being open, down to earth and very interactive.

A Sydney local, Eden’s genuine approach makes him ideal for collaborations within the health, fitness and fashion world. Already very experienced in front of the camera this man is one to watch!