Emily Gurr

Instagram Sensation and Model

Australian model and digital influencer Emily Gurr is easily recognisable with her full brows, long blonde mermaid hair and lithe limbs.

Signed to a leading modelling agency at just seventeen, the now 22-year-old business and fashion student is constantly busy either shooting with iconic fashion labels or posing for pictures for her own personal Instagram feed.

Filled with whimsical backdrops and on-trend fashion and beauty looks, her Instagram has made her a trend-setter to follow.

The blonde beauty never set out to become an Instagram influencer, much like many others before her who have now become famous on social media platforms. Emily’s audience initially found her  after fashion labels began posting images of her gorgeous features and fashion-forward style on their own feeds.

Interested in art, music, literature, pop culture and with a strong nostalgia for the 60s and 80s, all are reflected in Emily’s fashion choices.

Rebelling against popular bohemian style, the model’s curated feed of structured shapes, and unique silhouettes set her apart. Simple colours have been favoured over fussy and feminine frocks and vintage clothing reigns supreme along with comfortable jeans and oversized tees.

Her Instagram feed offers her large audience a chance to check out her work while on professional shoots as well as more candid, honest snaps taken by her creative friends. Her platform is truly unique and has a raw, relatable edge.

Instagram @emmgurr