Emily Venz

Golden Girl

On any given day, you’d be hard pressed to find blonde bombshell Emily Venz anywhere but the beach! Hailing from the sunny Gold Coast, the down-to-earth model enjoys the simple things in life – good food, coffee, travelling and of course, the ocean.

From an early age, Emily enjoyed taking photos. She recalls taking her mother’s professional camera and setting up “shoots” with her friends when she was just a little girl. At the age of 17, she realised she was gaining quite a following on Instagram, and brands began approaching her to collaborate.

Fast forward to today, Emily has worked with some of the biggest names in the game, including Gooseberry intimates, Princess Polly, Verge Girl, Bondi Boost and Petal and Pup just to name a few.

Emily’s feed is a fresh and eclectic showcase of her awesome fashion, stunning landscapes, a healthy lifestyle and her golden retriever: Pipah!