Fitness in the City

Health & Fitness Girl Boss 

Lee Sutherland is a health and fitness girl in the know. Director and Editor of Fitness In The City, Lee is a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, a qualified Personal Trainer and blogger on all things health, nutrition and fitness. She’s also head honcho and the brains behind organic luxe herbal tea company Little Wildling Co. Lee is the ultimate definition of girl boss, showing no signs of slowing down any-time soon.

Hailing from the world of entertainment; working at the world’s largest record label, Lee swapped late nights, cheap coffee and stress for green smoothies, sneakers and a whole heap of appreciation for her health. Lee incorporates her past studies of Natural Health Science, nutrition, fitness and health coaching to inspire and help people all around the world to reach their greatest physical health.

In addition to client consultations and regularly blogging on Fitness In The City, Lee is also a regular expert commentator and contributor to various media platforms including Sporteluxe, Women’s Fitness, and has worked with brands such as Bupa, Lifestyle Channel, Mitchum and Nike to name a few.

Lee juggles the demands of motherhood whilst another is on it’s way, all the while collaborating with a whole host of health brands and successfully running her growing herbal tea company. Lee is undoubtedly a powerfully inspiring talent to align with, watch this space.

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