Hayden & Sara

Design and Construction Duo

Having applied only once to get a spot on The Block, and with a wealth of industry lead knowledge, it’s no wonder they came, they saw, and they conquered winning them the 2018 series.

Laidback Sutherland Shire native Hayden has over 20 years experience as a Project Manager in construction and is also a Master Builder under his business Project Next Consulting. As well as working as a Project Manager in construction, Hayden is also a Professional Photographer, his surfing photographs, interior images and portraits appearing in a host of magazines and advertising campaigns. He even modeled in a Bisley work wear catalogue with none other than Scotty Cam.

Sara is small but she sure is mighty. Unafraid to speak her mind and brimming with enthusiasm, it’s hard not to get swept along when this Stewardess is in full flight. Sara has barely stood still since their wedding in October 2017. She is currently doing a course in interior design, creating a ‘one stop shop’ for any client wanting all three services from Project Next Consulting, as well as juggling Harlow, 2, and is pregnant with baby number two. He was announced with an adorable gender reveal cake on the night of the auction of The Block and is due late April.

With their mix of personalities, it’s no wonder they are a winning combination as far as TV, radio and media appearances go. Their engaging manner, good-natured humour and relatability has made Hayden and Sara one of Australia’s most exciting couples to watch. Along with building a website to showcase their innovation and design skills and profiles, this driven couple are no strangers to getting their hands dirty. As well as winning The Block 2018, they recently overhauled an investment property in Sydney’s eastern suburbs which they currently short term lease out. They also own a beachside home on the southern fringe suburb of Stanwell Park, which they’re about to completely rebuild called ‘South House’ which they will be documenting with an online web series while working on client projects, collaborations and balancing life with their gorgeous young family, and Hayden and Sara’s future shows no signs of slowing down. This hardworking and fast paced couple, not only are dedicated to build their business but also dedicate their time to Help for Hirschsprung disease and Polished man for which they are proud ambassadors of.

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