Hayley O’Connor

Illustration. Typography. Textiles

While they almost defy description with their photographic realness and fantastical details, Hayley O’Connor’s ethereal illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful.

As an illustrator and graphic designer, Hayley O is the creator of unique artworks, textile prints and typography. While her style echoes urban lifestyles, surf culture and gothic references, Hayley’s works possess a distinctly feminine quality. Her signature ‘girl’ illustrations are equal parts edgy and elegant, gorgeous girls surrounded by nature, patterns and tattoos.

As a child, Hayley was naturally gifted at drawing and while she had an interest in art throughout school, it wasn’t something she ever seriously considered as a career path. Upon completing high school, she went on to study a Certificate IV in Design before studying Graphic Design in her home city of Melbourne.

It was while she was studying Graphic Design that Hayley started drawing just for fun in her spare time. Inspired by fashion illustrators she aspired to draw with similar skill and detail. Hayley practiced every spare moment she had, refined her skills and combined with her undeniable natural talent, she was soon illustrating life-like images.

She started to post her work online and to Facebook and not surprisingly, received great feedback and it wasn’t look before she was given offers for commissions. Hayley was approached by the Hurley Art Director and began creating artwork and prints for use in their men’s and women’s ranges.

Hayley’s work mirrors her combined experiences of growing up in Melbourne and now living on the Gold Coast, where she works as a graphic designer whilst freelance illustrating for a wide variety of clients from the fashion, surfing, beauty and art industries. Using a mixture of pencil, watercolour, pen, ink, markers and collages, Hayley’s illustrations have a distinct softness, juxtaposed against the bold lines of her typography work.

With an interest in both illustration and typography, Hayley says that she absorbs ideas and themes from countless blogs, patterns in nature, fashion and the everyday world around her. Ensuring that each and every illustration is unique, Hayley takes elements of images she loves and combines them to create striking artworks that are complex, rich in detail and hypnotic. This process is especially evident in ‘The Girls’ in which Hayley fondly refers to her Frankenstein ladies – beautiful collages of different images which she pieces together as reference images for her magical illustrations.

Hayley has created exclusive artwork for a variety of clients including Samantha Wills X Billabong, Vonzipper, Wish, Samsung, General Pants Co., Volcom, Alannah Hill, Ishka and Surf Dive & Ski to name a few. She has collaborated with publishing giants including Collective Hub Magazine and L’Officiel Magazine as well as being featured in Yen Magazine and cult female art industry publication Curvy. Hayley is also a skilled live artist and has worked at a number of live-art events for clients including Luxottica.

Fusing fantasy and fashion with her exceptional skill, Hayley O’Connor can create custom illustrations, typography and graphic designs for captivating visuals that are bound to leave a lasting impression.

Instagram @hayley_o_creative