Health Synergy

mother & daughter holistic health, well being & lifestyle

Synergy is defined as the combined effort of two or more parts, working together to achieve a greater result than they otherwise would working on their own. This definition couldn’t be more fitting for mother daughter duo Jennifer Murrant and Hannah Singleton – the creative and knowledgeable force behind Health Synergy.

Creating sublime recipes and accompanying imagery, Health Synergy inspires a nutritious, delicious and balanced approach to food. Developing gluten free, mostly dairy free and refined sugar free recipes, Hannah and Jennifer focus on health and making food people love. Think nutrient dense pancake stacks, heavenly smoothie bowls and picture perfect raw cheesecakes!

Jennifer is a qualified naturopath and nutritionist, having worked for over 10 years in the field. Combined with her qualifications in Coaching Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling, Jennifer addresses both the physiological and psychological aspects of her patient’s health, giving her a unique perspective on mental and physical wellbeing.

Recently graduating from the University of Sydney with a degree in Media and Communications, Hannah loves all things social media and digital marketing. She’s also studied photography, a passion she regularly draws upon when creating her flawless content.

Jennifer started her clinic Health Synergy in 2008 where she began working with clients one-on-one. In 2014, Hannah created an Instagram account and blog for her Mum’s clients, as an easy and efficient way for her to share her healthy recipes – rather than emailing them all individually. Before long, their account was gathering interest and followers beyond the clinic’s clientele, and Health Synergy became a fully-fledged online presence in its own right.

Encompassing all aspects of healthy living, Health Synergy is a lifestyle account that sparks enthusiasm and delight among over 70 thousand loyal followers. Covering recipe inspiration, healthy travel ideas, movement and mindfulness, Health Synergy is a well-rounded and factually informed wellbeing platform. Boasting some of the most epically styled and photographed food shots on Instagram, it’s no wonder Hannah & Jennifer have garnered such an engaged following!

Health Synergy has worked on a number of collaborations in the wellbeing space, incorporating everything from health-focused travel with brands such as Agoda and Billabong Retreat to recipe development with brands including Power Super Foods, Pic’s Peanut Butter and Calypso Mangoes just to name a few. They’ve also partnered with lifestyle brands including KX Pilates, Raw C Coconut Water and CoYo among many more.

Driven by their shared love of holistic and healthy lifestyles, Hannah and Jennifer have created an online community who value their expertise and creative passion. Healthy living has never looked this good.

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