Her Creative

Interiors and Prop Stylist

Creating beautifully composed, instantly relaxing and utterly addictive spaces and imagery, Heather Rivendell is an interiors, fashion and all round stylist. Heather’s stylistic approach is simple, understated and minimalist drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design principles.

Heather studied interior design at university, however Heather is now amassing extensive experience in visual merchandising and creative space styling. Combining her passion for fashion, interiors and all things lifestyle, Heather has worked for some of Australia’s most well-known retailers for over 10 years. Heather is an experienced art director in conceptualising and managing social media and brand campaign shoots, Heather is immersed in it all.

In recent years, Heather has found herself drawn back to her original love of all things fashion and lifestyle, finding a creative outlet in her blog and Instagram, HER Creative. Heather shares gorgeous visuals and informative blog posts through a combination of shots she has styled and taken herself, along with inspirational pictures she sources from all over the world. The end result is a visually stunning curation of images and spaces that never fail to leave you wanting more.

Heather’s speciality is adding warmth and personalisation to a space, giving it depth and character whilst still maintaining a simple, clean aesthetic. Combining prop styling, design and visual architecture principles, Heather creates spaces that invite you to relax, entertain and find solitude from the daily grind. With the belief that well balanced and harmonious spaces enhance our overall lifestyle, Heather is the master of creating a sense of calm, positivity and luxury.

HER Creative works with brands to create unique campaign imagery and social medial content. Collaborating with some of Australia’s most renowned brands, Heather is known for her versatility to meet her varied clients aesthetics and marketing needs. Working closely to achieve their final outcome.  For one of a kind image creation, Heather is the master of simple yet personalised design for products, brands and spaces.

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