Irena Srbinovska

2020 Bachelorette

Irena Srbinovska is a breath of fresh air to the media and world of social media.

Her down to earth and easy going nature is what Australia fell in love with when watching Irena win the heart of 2020 Bachelor Locky Gilbert. Born and raised in Melbourne, Irena worked in a Pharmacy for over eight years whilst studying hard to chase her passion of becoming a nurse. Now with a Bachelor’s degree under her belt, Irena is making a difference each and every day she shows up to work with her fun loving attitude, inspiring those around her to take a positive approach to life.

Outside of nursing Irena enjoys sharing her love for cooking and all things food. As a vegan, Irena explores the balance of being kind to the environment and animals whilst creating recipes. Irena hopes to explore her dream of opening her very own vegan café & writing her own cookbook in which she can share her very own recipes created with love over the many years.

Irena enjoys all things outdoors and adventure. Growing up, Irena spent a lot of her youth exploring the globe with her family and partaking in hiking trips.

Irena is now available for all like-minded partnerships within the health, lifestyle & beauty space.

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