Jeannette Melhem

Unique Bespoke Designs

Jeannette Melhem
 is an Artist/illustrator who believes that imagination is pivotal for the innovation of design. Without an imagination our world would not exist as it is today.

Digital illustrations and exceptional attention to detail enable Jeannette to deliver unique bespoke designs and projects across varied industries, working with brands to provide distinctive and tailored pieces. Her imagination can take you into a world where reality is manipulated into fantasy, creating a real magic and feeling that is limitless.

A lifelong passion for art and drawing, since the age of 5, ignited into a side career in 2017, whilst working part time as a civil Engineer. With over 10 years of experience as an engineer Jeannette has drawn upon her skills and talents to launch her business using her technical and project management skills to now deliver bespoke illustrations and ventures.

As seen on her portfolio Jeannette’s work can range from bespoke children’s fashion illustrations adorned on invitations/cards, to character design, branding, stationary, fashion campaigns, the beauty industry and her love for reflecting everyday life. Jeannette’s unique ability to combine characterised drawing and realism delivers eye-catching sketches with a combination of colourful and luxurious styles. Seeking inspiration from music, life, fashion and pop culture Jeannette aims to provide fun, personalised and innovative illustrations.

With her business just over a year old Jeannette has worked on delivering private projects, working part time as an engineer, and raising a family. She is based in Melbourne with her husband and has two children aged 4 and 2

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