Just Sayin’ Girl

Custom Calligrapher

From loved-up thoughts to inspirational quotes, Just Sayin’ Girl is a delightful, daily dose of humour and motivation captured in hand-drawn fonts.

Lauren Dragosetti is the talent behind Just Sayin’ Girl, a gorgeous stream of colourful musings brought to life through her quirky calligraphy. Sydney based Lauren is a magazine Art Director by day, having worked in magazines and publishing for over 8 years. Recently however, Lauren’s lifelong hobby and passion has exploded into a side career – creating custom fonts and quotes for private and corporate clients alike.

As a child, Lauren was always drawing and writing, practicing her penmanship and artistic skills long before she knew it would turn into her dream career. Upon finishing school, she studied Communication Design at a private graphic design college, formalising her already impressive talents.

Working professionally, Lauren continued sketching and calligraphy as a hobby. She would often create prints and cards for friends as gifts. It was only after several friends suggested she start sharing her art on Instagram that Lauren considered other people might enjoy her creations.

Using a combination of ink, fine brushes and Japanese calligraphy pens, Lauren illustrates unique fonts to suit the mood or theme of the quote she is writing. She than scans them into her computer where she digitally enhances her hand-drawn words making them a one-of-a-kind, polished font. Just Sayin’ Girl features 2 gorgeous quotes daily, based on Lauren’s mood and requests from her thousands of fans. Searching for inspiration everywhere, from music, literature, pop-culture to daily life, Lauren always gives her followers a reason to smile.

While barely a year old, Just Sayin’ Girl has already collaborated with a number of brands and private clients both in Australia and internationally. Lauren has worked on commissions for brands such as Cosmopolitan, La Prairie for both their Sydney and New York City offices, Gritty Pretty and SLINKII Athletic. Colourful, optimistic and bursting with energy, a custom creation by Just Sayin’ Girl is the perfect way to make words shine.