Matt Laycock

Aussie Creator

Matt is a 22-year-old with a huge passion for adventure, adrenaline and documenting his journey in life. Matt has a fitness & marketing background and has travelled extensively around the world chasing experiences. This has led to embarking on expeditions and creating visual content for some of the world’s leading brands. Matt runs a successful brand called Apexgen which enables Matt to share his vision for people overcoming adversity, be part of transforming lives and a platform to inspire people. As a firm believer of influencer marketing, Matt’s creative decisions are always influenced by brand strategy to promote products or services in a unique way. Throughout all of Matt’s experiences, Matt has managed to grow an engaged community of followers that stick by his word. Matt currently has an Instagram following of over 90,000+followers, which consists of not only an Australian audience, but also growing internationally with Matt’s extensive work with his network of influencer connections.

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