Monique Belovukovic

luxe sport style 

Growing up on the tennis court Monique Belovukovic was one of Australia’s most promising young tennis talents, travelling the world and competing in international teen competitions.

While she no longer plays tennis professionally due to injury, it seems Monique’s career is on an express trajectory to influencer status, as her effortless street style and mastery of Instagram have won over thousands of devoted fans in a matter of months.

Monique grew up in Sydney’s Bondi where she began playing tennis at just 6 years old. By age 11 she was competing at an international level and even secured a US College scholarship to study and play tennis. It was during these years that Monique fell in love with travelling. Spending a lot of time in the UK, Europe and the US, Monique developed an interest in street style, drawing inspiration from her new and exotic surrounds.

After a recent trip to London, Monique has really stepped up her Instagram game, composing a flawless feed of fashion and lifestyle snaps with a young, energetic vibe. As a member of the Next-Gen influencer set, Monique quite simply ‘gets’ Instagram, and knows exactly how to engage her fans.

Sharing a glimpse into her daily life, Monique’s Instagram features luxe street style with a sporty edge, mixed with travel snaps, beauty and fitness inspo. Monique has a knack for finding the perfect backdrop for her outfit posts, resulting a reel of shots that look as though they’re straight from the campaign pages of her favourite fashion brands.

With her athletic physique and love for the water, Monique is naturally drawn to bikini’s and often posts gorgeous waterside pictures that showcase her favourite pieces. She’s also passionate about creating her own designs, with plans to develop a line of hats and faux fur that draw inspiration from her unique, casual yet edgy look.

Monique is setting Insta feeds on fire – channeling her natural beauty, love of street-style and sultry charm, this is one influencer destined for big things.

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