The Diet Doctor

Earning his reputation as ‘The Diet Doctor’ Moodi Dennaoui is one of Australia’s foremost fitness and nutrition experts. While health and fitness influencers have firmly staked their claim as a force to be reckoned with in the social media sphere, few are as qualified or intent on backing their claims with science as Moodi.

Moodi hold various qualifications from the University of Sydney including Nuclear Medicine, Mathematics, Education, Psychology, Nutrition and a Masters in Research Methodology. Combined, this gives Moodi a distinct edge and the ability to sort facts from fads when it comes to fitness and nutrition trends.

Competing in and winning physique comps all over Australia, Moodi started researching supplements to find the best formulation for his needs. Intensely focussed, Moodi applied his scientific knowledge and research skills to source the best on the market. He also started to apply this knowledge to his diet and soon had people asking for one-on-one help with their nutrition.

Moodi now works with clients all over Australia and the world including many A-listers, elite athletes, actors and musicians. Working to his philosophy is that there is no diet blue print, Moodi believes that diets should be as unique as the individual. Moodi has a knack for debunking myths and approaching the latest eating trend with scepticism until he finds science backed evidence. His guiding mission is to create sustainable changes to a diet, complementing the lifestyle that his clients are looking to achieve.

Having written for countless major health and lifestyle publications including Coach, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, GQ, Huffington Post, Nine MSN and appearing on the Today Show and Triple M radio, Moodi is well versed in taking the key findings from scientific literature and making it readily available to a mass market. As a regular commentator in the Australian media, Moodi is looked to for his credible advice and opinions

Moodi is also an accomplished public speaker, holding seminars in gyms, schools and corporate settings to impart his wisdom and passion for living your best life. His no holds barred approach means any message Moodi conveys is done with conviction and authority, making him highly sought after in this space.

Working with various brands in the food, fitness and lifestyle industries, Moodi is an influential figure who uses his authority to share product recommendations that he genuinely believes in. Having collaborated with numerous brands such as Body Science, Huawei Mobile, Passion Projects and Raw G to name a few, Moodi’s seal of approval gives products desirability and consumers, invaluable confidence.