Morgan Hipworth

Teen Baking Sensation and Inspirational Entrepreneur

As the classic saying goes, ‘if you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life’. While it certainly may be true for some, it’s hard to imagine finding that love before you’ve even finished school! For Morgan Hipworth though, it’s all in a day’s work. So to speak…

At just 18 years old, Morgan Hipworth has a budding empire with a bustling doughnut shop Bistro Morgan in Melbourne’s Windsor. Far more than just being the face of the ultra-cool establishment, Morgan; is hands on in the kitchen of his business, develops new flavours, trains all 25 staff members, looks after rosters, invoicing and accounts, marketing and social media. To say he is hands-on is an understatement.

He also manages to squeeze school and homework into his jam-packed schedule. “If you know what you like to do, there’s no point holding back!” says Morgan. It’s this drive and genuine love for what he does that has seen Morgan amass 10s of thousands of followers on his Bistro Morgan social media channel as well as his impressive personal following of avid fans who are inspired by his drive and creative energy. And his scrumptious creations too of course!

Morgan’s passion for cooking started at age 7 when he took an interest in TV shows such as MasterChef. He began practicing his own culinary skills and before long was cooking the family dinners. He then set up a restaurant, Bistro Morgan, in the dining room of his parent’s home where he would cook and serve three-course meals for family and friends.

One thing led to another and Morgan started a little business selling cakes to family and friends. Soon he was supplying local cafes with cakes and slices (all baked from the family home’s kitchen). Then he created unique heart-shaped doughnuts for a Valentine’s Day special, something he’d never made in his life. They were a sell-out success. More orders for doughnuts poured in. In 2016 Morgan ran his own pop-up store which sold 10,000 doughnuts in 8 days! In December 2016, Morgan opened Bistro Morgan where he has been rolling, baking and hand-dipping his magical doughnuts ever since.

Morgan is a passionate foodie who loves sharing his latest café and restaurant finds, favourite baking and kitchen appliances, ingredients and recipes. Balancing school, business and play, Morgan has become a youth-focussed influencer, having already collaborated with a number of major brands including Bonds AU, The Langham Melbourne and Xero just to name a few.

Confident, articulate and uniquely driven, Morgan is an inspiring entrepreneur and speaker who shares his passion for baking and business effortlessly. Morgan is the ultimate embodiment of the next generation of game-changers, harnessing the power of social media and his entrepreneurial vision to create a business and life he loves. Morgan enjoys sharing his story with others, particularly young people, who are interested in hearing his incredible success story, how he manages to juggle it all and his exciting plans for the future.

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