Paul Juchima

The Modern Day Gentleman

With a strong passion for dressing well, travelling extensively and living a great lifestyle, Paul began using Instagram as his creative outlet while working as a Corporate Advisor, to share his  sophisticated fashion-sense and a lifestyle best described as ‘quality over quantity’.

It wasn’t long until Paul’s crisp imagery was catching the eye of leading fashion and lifestyle  brands, securing him roles as Social Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz Melbourne and Brand  Ambassador for Panasonic Lumix. Global names such as Dior, Uber, Stella Artois, and Dyson are  just a few of the premium brands on the ever-growing list Paul has collaborated with.

The attention Paul’s passion-project received made him realise there was demand for a  destination where men could go to find high quality fashion, style, business, and travel content. This is how his leading lifestyle blog, No Papparazzi Man, was born.

Emboldened by the success of his digital platform and the first-hand experience it provided in  creating engaging content, Paul left his corporate career to launch Oi! Media, a business growth  coaching and marketing firm. In conjunction with Oi! Media, Paul helps his wife operate their  retail business interests which they’ve grown over the last 9 years.

Paul is well and truly the modern-day gentleman, proving that looking dapper while balancing  the demands of running multiple businesses, a family and enjoying the finer things in life  resonates with a large and highly engaged audience. Paul Juchima is the perfect gateway to getting your brand noticed.

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