Phoebe Thompson

Jamaican Beauty Queen

Phoebe recently stole the hearts of Australia as she featured on Love Island Season 2. Outside of her adventure on the show, Phoebe has gone on to study Psychology and share her passion with her following for all things female empowerment, equality, sexuality and most importantly support positive body image amongst young women. Phoebe is one of very few women taking a strong stance on social justice for the POC, BLM & Indigenous community.

Being a model from a very young age, Phoebe struggled with her curvaceous figure, pushing her out of high fashion and causing a strain on her mental health. Phoebe’s taking to her platform of over 40 thousand dedicated followers to promote authenticity, self-love and show us all that everybody is beautiful no matter what shape or size.

Phoebe loves working with likeminded swim, fashion & beauty brands, having collaborated with some of the world’s most recognisable labels including Princess Polly, White fox Boutique, I AM GIA & Pretty Little Thing just to shortlist a few.

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