Reeni Rose

Our Aussie Beauty

Reenie Rose is the ultimate everyday Aussie girl. Born in far North Queensland and Now based in Melbourne her social media centers around beauty, fashion, comedy and travel. Bringing her sense of humor and reality to her following engages her audience on a personal and relatable level.

Reenie Rose is a jack of all trades as she is a freelance makeup artist, travel vlogger, model, student sonographer, actress, a health and fitness enthusiast and a creative content marketer.

This busy girl loves to always be on her toes, pushing her limits with new personal challenges academically, physically and creatively everyday.

There isn’t anything Reenie Rose isn’t capable of taking head on and no length she won’t go to, to get the perfect shot. From monkey attacks in her travel vlogs, to scaling cliff faces for the view she is a dedicated and talented content creator.

Reenie’s honesty, humor and openness with her followers is what bridges the gap and creates a newer, stronger relationship between Influencer and follower