Ryan Greasley

Fitness Model, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Influencer

While he is now one of Australia’s hottest fitness models and Instagram sensations, with various international magazine covers to his name, Ryan Greasley says for a long time he had no idea how to make his lifelong goal of becoming a model a reality.

When he was just 17, friends submitted some photos of Ryan to Dolly magazine for a boys of summer callout – he didn’t even know until he got the call that they’d sent them in! He was flown to Sydney from his hometown of Brisbane for the shoot and ended up in with a photo on the cover. This was the start of Ryan’s impressive career, but it was several years before he would fully realise his dream.

Unsure how to take the next step, Ryan turned to fitness. Getting in shape and building confidence as well as strength, Ryan’s newfound passion helped him not only personally but professionally. Combining his two loves opened up a whole new world of possibility for Ryan and his international modelling career took off.

Ryan was signed with Chadwick Models in Australia and DT Model Management in LA. Travelling back and forth between Australia and the USA for work, Ryan secured his first cover on DNA Magazine in 2014. He then landed additional covers with Fitness First Magazine in 2014, Spartacus International Traveller in 2015 and Men’s Muscle and Health Magazine in 2016.

Starting his Instagram account in 2012, Ryan has built a mega-following of almost half a million followers – including Perez Hilton himself! Attracting tens of thousands of likes on every photo, Ryan’s fans can’t get enough of his flawless imagery, inspirational posts and insights into all aspects of his life from fashion to fitness, grooming, travel and of course that signature smile!

As a personal trainer and someone who believes passionately in the transformative effective of exercise for the mind, body and soul Ryan has developed a range of online training programs. With so many followers asking for his advice and guidance daily on all things health and fitness, Ryan has distilled his knowledge into comprehensive guides that cover nutrition, recipes and workouts. While modelling was his first love, Ryan says inspiring his followers is now his biggest goal.

Ryan has worked with some of the biggest names in fitness, fashion and lifestyle including High Smile teeth whitening, Wallace Bishop Jewellers, Universal Store and Mars Quest Sunglasses just to name a few. As a professional model and powerful influencer with enormous reach, Ryan has the natural ability to make the brands that he genuinely loves, sought after and highly covetable.

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