Sammy Leo

Fierce and Fabulous 

Have you ever followed someone on social media and secretly thought that if you were to meet in real life, the two of you would instantly be best friends? Sammy Leo is exactly that kind of influencer – wholeheartedly honest, funny and bursting with enthusiasm for life in a way that makes you feel like you really know her.

Sammy moved from her hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand to Sydney when she was 18 to attend Brent Street Performing Arts School where she studied dancing, singing and acting. After finishing her studies, Sammy began to look beyond Sydney for her next adventure and moved to the sunny Gold Coast.

Hoping to meet likeminded friends and to stay active, Sammy joined an Ashy Bines’ Boot Camp and before long she started working alongside the women’s fitness guru.  Sammy’s naturally vivacious personality and genuine approach made her a sales star but it was the ability to share her story and help inspire other women that Sammy says she found the most rewarding aspect of her job.

Slowly and authentically, Sammy built her own social media following as she shared her lifestyle to an ever-growing tribe of loyal fans which has now grown to an audience of over 140,000. Showcasing her zest for life, unique sense of style, health, fitness, beauty and adventures, Sammy’s Insta feed is bright, glamourous, fun and inspiring. Her mission is to make other women feel great in their own skin, something she does effortlessly and with a lovable sense of humour.

Sammy is the founder and owner of Breeze Balm. Her father and grandfather were both pharmacists who created a unique lip balm that they made and sold in their family pharmacy in Dunedin. When they closed the pharmacy in 2014, Sammy realised her supply of lip balm would soon runout. Feeling a burst of inspiration to create a brand and product that she was truly passionate about, Sammy launched Breeze Balm. In less than four years, she’s grown Breeze Balm into a thriving global brand that is sold in countries including; Chile, South Africa, USA, Canada, Norway and France.

Unsurprisingly, this ability to generate a buzz and truly connect with consumers has seen Sammy work with countless national and international brands including; Gretty Rose The Label, Toned by Ashy Bines, Happy Whey, Morelife Greens Powder, La’Bang Body, Indigo Flame candles, Jaymes Swimwear and The Beach Waver just to name a few. Sammy was also approached by Khloe Kardashian’s denim brand Good American to be an ambassador, testament to her extraordinary engagement levels and ability to genuinely connect with her followers.

Sammy effortlessly curates an aspirational lifestyle feed where she shares beauty and makeup finds, travel, workouts and healthy eating, her sexy-tomboy sense of style and a contagious, happy energy. Embracing life to the full and inspiring other women to do the same, Sammy Leo is a true influencer with the power to bring brands to life.