Sarah Bell Nutrition

 Food Stylist & Nutritionist 

Sarah Bell is a Bachelor Qualified Nutritionist, recipe developer, food photographer, food stylist and health blogger.
Sarah Bell Nutrition was created in July 2016 as a way to help inspire others to live their healthiest lives.

Having experienced disordered eating, Sarah’s biggest focus has always been to promote healthy, balanced, no guilt eating, while following a whole foods, no rubbish approach. Sarah’s approach to health is holistic and she whole-heartedly believes that health doesn’t just come from healthy eating, but from staying active, fostering meaningful relationships and having fun.

With the creation of Sarah Bell Nutrition, Sarah began to realise that while having delicious recipes was great, if they didn’t look beautiful and attractive then they wouldn’t get the exposure they deserved. With that, Sarah combined her ingrained need to be creative with her desire to promote health. And so, her passion for food photography and styling came to be. Sarah has used her photography and styling skills to create content for leading brands including Country Road and Halo top in the previous year.

Sarah’s goal is to inspire others to have a healthier body, mind and home.