She is Sarah Jane

Fashion & Lifestyle Mummy Blogger

She is Sarah Jane is a creative wealth of information and inspiration for the modern woman. Defying the standard definition of a fashion and lifestyle blog, SISJ encompasses style, beauty, health, motherhood, inspirational interviews and more. Founder and Editor in Chief Sarah Jane’s covetable style, honest approach and in-depth posts make SISJ a visually stunning and thought provoking online destination.

Covering a rich diversity of content, SISJ is the thinking girl’s guide to living a balanced and beautiful life in every sense. Sarah Jane’s background in social media, marketing and brand strategy gives SISJ a polished and professional tone while her ability to translate fashion and beauty trends for everyday life makes her posts relevant and inspiring.

Since giving birth to her daughter Mia Grace in early 2015, Sarah Jane has become a style icon for the modern mum. Sarah Jane shares her experiences of motherhood with her trademark humour and honesty, all while maintaining SISJ’s signature aesthetic. Effortlessly adding parenting and motherhood to SISJ’s offering, Sarah Jane covers fashion, firsthand parenting experiences and baby related reviews.

SISJ has partnered with a variety of brands across fashion and beauty, working on countless collaborations and projects. Notably, she has worked with brands such as Dr. Lewinn’s, Model Co. GUESS, Sunglasses Hut, Chambord, Westfield, Target and The Strand Melbourne, creating content, imagery, blog posts and articles. Sarah Jane has also done several live appearances, sharing her passion and talent for styling at live runway and in-store events.

Sarah Jane is an excellent writer, crafting thoughtful, candid and relatable content for her readers. It’s this talent that has seen her write a number of articles for publications including Mother & Baby Magazine, Brisbane’s B Mag, Marie Claire, In Style, Who and Women’s Health, partnering with brands to develop unique and engaging content. SISJ has also been listed as one of Melbourne’s top beauty blogs by Urban List, testament to Sarah Jane’s knowledge and diverse spectrum of talents.

Ever evolving, engaging and chic, SISJ is lifestyle blog with substance.