Simon Hill

Plant Proof

Simon Hill isn’t the stereotypical vegan you may have in mind. Rather than preaching his message, Simon lives by example to change the way people view plant-based living and prove it’s possible to be strong, fit and vibrantly healthy without animal-based foods.

Plant Proof is the name of Simon’s overarching lifestyle philosophy. Drawing on his personal and professional experiences as well as the expertise of countless health, medical and wellness professionals, Simon shares indispensable knowledge through his Instagram, blog and podcast. Plant Proof is a destination for those wanting to make the life-changing shift towards plant-based living.

Simon is a qualified health professional, having studied a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University and a Masters in Human Nutrition. He is also set to release his first book in 2020; a guide to plant-based living that breaks down complex science to empower people with evidence-based information, inspiration and recipes.

Simon has always had a keen interest in science and health. With a father who is a doctor, Simon understood early on the importance of backing up health claims with clinical studies and research.

When Simon was 15, his father suffered a heart attack and Simon was told he’d need regular testing as an adult because heart disease is often hereditary. After doing his own research, however, he found that only a very small percentage of heart disease cases are genetic. What often runs in the family are poor dietary choices and inactive lifestyles.

For Simon, the experience highlighted how little nutrition education doctors have – in many cases, they treat the disease but overlook the cause. Simon realised he needed to overhaul his own life, and in doing so, he developed a passion for helping others.

Simon inspires others by sharing informative content on his diet, fitness and lifestyle through both the Plant Proof Instagram and blog. His feed and imagery are much more than simple inspiration – Simon often provides detailed explanations that break down what makes his Insta-worthy meals so nutritious as well as the science guiding his choices.

Through the Plant Proof Podcast, Simon shares thought-provoking wisdom from health professionals to help people be more conscious and form healthier, more mindful habits.  Attracting over 200,000 listers a week and counting, the podcast is an exciting platform for Simon to share the Plant Proof philosophy.

Simon enjoys working with like-minded brands that share his mission of helping people embrace plant-based, sustainable and active lifestyles. He is also a confident and entertaining speaker, breaking-down complex ideas into relevant and useful takeaway messages at corporate wellbeing days, live in-store demonstrations and health festivals.

For a daily dose of science-backed health inspiration, Simon Hill is proof that you can thrive whilst enjoying a plant-based diet.

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