Taite Radley

Premium Fashion & Fitness

Taite Radley quickly rose to popularity on the Australian Bachelorette 2018. With dashing good looks, fun-loving outlook on life and an undeniable chemistry with Ali, Taite was always going to be a favourite! Ultimately, Taite ‘won’ the season, and more importantly ended up falling in love with Ali who he now shares many interests and adventures with. While Ali naturally features in many of Taite’s posts, he has cultivated his own unique online presence, fast becoming an influencer in the men’s lifestyle arena.

Taite has been a personal trainer for over 10 years. While he used to compete in figure building competitions, he now prefers to practice a more balanced, holistic and importantly, achievable take on fitness; one he shares with his tens of thousands of followers. His mantra is to keep it simple, focusing on enjoyment, health and movement – an approach that has made him a successful P.T and now health-focused influencer.

Showcasing gym-based and outdoor workouts, outdoor adventure and his favourite wellness finds, Taite promotes a clean, natural and functional approach to health. He loves to uncover the latest wellness trends, experimenting with incorporating various herbs, oils and the newest superfoods into his regime.

While he remained passionate about coaching and helping clients, Taite had a long-held vision for working in the banking and finance industry. He has now worked as a bank manager for over 4 years, while also continuing to coach personal training clients before and after work.

Tait’s personal style is very much a reflection of his two unique professions. He combines premium men’s fashion with a minimalistic, neutral toned wardrobe – sharing European style tailored suits, plain-tees, luxe denim and functional active wear. When asked to describe his look, Taite says that he seeks pieces for their longevity, that are of high quality from unique small brands. Trends are not his thing, opting for authentic, minimal looks that stand the test of time.

Originally from Ballarat, Taite has recently become an Ambassador for Visit Ballarat. Showcasing the regional city’s dining, wine, arts and events scene, he has quickly become a natural influencer sharing his insights and unique finds with ease.

Since finishing The Bachelorette, Taite has enjoyed travelling extensively with Ali, sharing a love for the great outdoors. He has already partnered with a number of tourism brands including Sky High Mount Franklin and Tiwi Island Adventures. Coming back to the theme of balance, Taite enjoys outdoor adventure and exploring, while also making time for the finer things in life like good food and wine, especially while on the road.

Since the whirlwind that was starring on reality TV, Taite has focused on building a strong personal brand that reflects his lifestyle beyond the lifechanging experience. His relatable yet aspirational approach to fitness and style has seen him work with a host of premium brands including FitBit, Y.D, Daniel Hechter and Politix as well as with major events including Portsea Polo and The Australian Open. Combining health and style in his own authentic way, Taite Radley has embraced the opportunity to share his adventures, fitness routines, fashion and holistic lifestyle.