Teo Believes

Casual Street Style, Men’s Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

Showcasing his urban-luxe sense of style and genuine zest for life, travel and adventure, Teo Csintalan captures men’s fashion and lifestyle finds with a casual edge.

Moving half-way around the world to find a place that truly felt like home, Teo Csintalan is a Sydney based street style and lifestyle influencer. Teo says when he first travelled to Sydney with fellow blogger and girlfriend Andi, they instantly feel in love with the happy locals and Australia’s energetic vibe, but it would be almost 7 years before they would make the move.

Hailing from Hungary in Central Europe, Teo was a professional soccer player. When a career ending injury left him wondering what his next move would be, Teo and Andi decided it was a sign that they should follow their dreams and move to Australia.

Initially Teo took any work he could get to kick-start his new life, working as a floor sander for sometime while also helping Andi by taking pictures for her blog and Instagram. While he had no previous photography experience or equipment beyond using his iPhone 4, Teo had a natural talent for getting the perfect shot. Step by step, Teo upgraded his skills and equipment eventually leaving his day job to work full-time behind the lense.

With an innate sense of style and eye for trends, Teo gravitated towards wanting to tell his own fashion story. Stepping in-front of the camera was a seamless transition for Teo whose personal brand of effortless cool was aching to be shared. Teo started his personal Instagram account, Teo Believes and in a short space of time has gone on to cultivate a highly engaged following who indulge in his daily outfit posts – a unique fusion of Bondi nonchalance and the hard-to-pin down European aesthetic.

Thanks to his creative energy and ability to generate editorial quality content, Teo has worked with a raft of fashion and lifestyle brands including Jack & Jones, Top Shop, The Iconic, Bonds AU, Glue Store and Mazda. He’s also an avid traveller, merging his fashion focused musings with international adventures. 2018 will be an exciting year for Teo and Andi, with plans to travel to Bali, China, Thailand, New York and then Europe for 2 months, providing endless opportunities to combine his two greatest loves.

For an effortless, so-cool-it-hurts take on men’s fashion, Teo Believes is a refreshingly laid-back and relatable destination to inspire Australian men’s everyday wardrobes and lifestyle.

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