Mummy-Illustrator & Photographer

Vietnamese mummy-illustrator, Thu Pham, is the creative genius behind Instagram account Thuie, a pastel-toned feed that chronicles the gorgeous outfits worn by her too-cute-for-words daughter Banksii.

The tiny-tot’s feminine wears are either shot on fun adventures with her parents or are staged and gorgeously overlaid with fantastical illustrations that make Thu’s perfectly captured photos even more enchanting.

Created in July 2015, the catalyst behind Thu’s Instagram was her love for fashion and the extra time she had on her hands while on maternity leave.

Like many mums, Thu had hundreds of photos of her daughter on her phone. After playing around with a few of them on phone app Pixlr and then Illustrator and Photoshop, Thu shared the cute snaps with family and friends who instantly fell in love with her creations.

Thu’s photos, that show off her professional background in photography and illustration (a skill she acquired while studying fashion design in her 20s) gained instant attention on her Instagram account from other mums and before long local and international brands.

Aside from lending her creative hand to small, Australian companies and commissioning photographs for fans of her work on Instagram, Thu has collaborated with giants like Bonds and Disney – something she never dreamt would grow from taking adorable photos of Banksii.

Instagram @thuie