Will and Steve

The Gourmet Pommies

Capturing Australia’s hearts as the series winners on My Kitchen Rules in 2015, best mates Will and Steve are affectionately known as The Gourmet Pommies. Elevating everyday dishes with the simple addition of beautiful, honest ingredients, Will and Steve combined their shared love of great food and a laugh to become the nation’s freshest cooking duo.

Both Will and Steve led former lives in banking, however it was their passion for food that saw them swap high finance for haute cuisine. While they have called Australia home since 2007, Will and Steve both grew up in Great Britain.  Moving to Sydney for work, the boys fast become mates outside of their corporate lives, where they discovered a shared love for cooking and enjoying a beautiful meal with friends and family – along with a cheeky weekend beer or two of course!

When they were both made redundant from their corporate positions at a similar time,Will and Steve realised they shared not only an interest in cooking but also a vision to create a small business involving food. Their journey from crunching numbers to carving it up in the kitchen began.

 At the time the My Kitchen Rules opportunity arose, the duo admits they were uncertain but decided to take on the challenge. While they believed in their ability whip up impressive dishes together, Will and Steve honestly didn’t think that ‘two English boys’ stood a chance of taking the crown on one of Australia’s favourite TV shows. But, that they did!

 In the three years post winning My Kitchen RulesWill and Steve have built a foodie empire that includes making regular appearances on Channel 10’s Studio 10, writing and releasing their first cook book Home Cook, Aspiring Chef, becoming co-owners of Social T sparkling green tea beverage range and Raw Earth Produce,being official ambassadors for R U OK, Oz Harvest and the Cancer Council and most recently, their biggest venture yet, taking on The Butcher and The Farmerrestaurant as Executive Chefs, creating a whole new menu and offering that reflects their food and dining philosophy.

 Will and Steve’s approach to cooking perfectly combines Steve’s love for complex, finessed dishes and Will’s love of home-style comfort food. Drawing inspiration from their English heritage and appreciation for Australian produce, Will and Steve take classic favourites and give them a gourmet twist. Hearty, home-cooked dinners were staples in both Will and Steve’s childhood and something they carry with them to this day. Taking elements of traditional English fare, French and Mediterranean touches and the very best locally sourced ingredients, Will and Steve make wholesome, fresh, flavour-packed food that’s a pure delight to the senses.

 Will and Steve have crafted a unique brand and social media presence that incorporates food, lifestyle and media. Drawing on their undeniable on-screen chemistry, playful banter, tangible passion for food, obvious skill and culinary creativity, Will and Steve have worked with a host of like minded brands and organisations including; Taste Sydney and Melbourne, Food & Wine Festival, Lorraine Lea Home Décor, Steggles and Tyrrell’s Crisps, Mirvac and P&O Cruises to name a few.

 Combining their extensive business experience, talent and originality in the kitchen, passion and natural on-screen presence, Will and Steve are a dynamic offering that can; create epic content, develop unique recipes, conduct live workshops, host pop-up restaurants and intimate dining experiences as well as host various foodie events. Charming, authentic and endlessly enthusiastic about their craft, it’s no surprise that Will and Steve have fast become two of Australia’s most influential foodie figures.