Yasmin Jay

Sophisticated Style

Challenging all the misconceptions about Muslim women and fashion, Yasmin Jay is an influencer who proudly showcases her faith and innate sense of style. Merging her identity and tradition with a stunning mix of sartorial choices, Yasmin Jay is an influencer with a striking point of difference.

Although just 19, Yasmin Jay exudes poise beyond her years. Confident, classy and refreshingly modern, Yasmin Jay shares her bold fashion choices with more than sixty thousand loyal followers who are genuinely inspired by her unique look. Starting her Instagram account like many do, just for fun whilst in high school, Yasmin Jay’s popularity and following soared when she started sharing her impeccably styled fashion and beauty shots.

When reflecting where this love for fashion, beauty and personal style came from, Yasmin Jay remembers watching her mother as she was growing up, who always had a love for fashion and taking pride in her appearance. While a career in fashion is something her mother longed for, she ended up becoming a psychologist, but always held on to her love for beautiful clothes and looking polished at all times. This love for style is something Yasmin Jay s
ays her mum always encouraged within her, and one of the reasons she decided to pursue fashion academically upon finishing school.

Completing her Bachelor of Fashion Design at Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2018, Yasmin Jay aspires to build a creative career that fuses design, styling and challenging the status-quo when it comes to women’s fashion. Yasmin Jay’s graduate collection was a testament to this drive, a stunning selection of feminine, detailed yet directional pieces that showcased of her eye for detail and bold aesthetic.

Not only is Yasmin Jay a fashion designer but a model and muse. In 2018 she walked the runway at Jakarta’s Modest Fashion Week and has modelled for numerous brands including Stylerunner, for the launch of the Nike Pro Hijab. Her natural beauty and one-of-a-kind styling sensibility have made Yasmin Jay an influencer of choice for brands looking to truly make a statement. Labels Yasmin Jay has worked with include Daniel Wellington, Westfields Liverpool, My Lasting Bouquet as well as a host of smaller, independent local designers.

Yasmin Jay describes her personal style as modest, clean, classy yet funky – effortlessly styling high-end with high street. As more and more mainstream labels embrace inclusive fashion and look for the new guard of influencers, Yasmin Jay is undoubtedly leading the way.