Zoë Hoad

Ultimate Girl-Next-Door

Zoë Hoad is a creative model, actress, writer, comedian and musician. Since age 15 Zoë has developed international experience in the industry and has broad ambitions to accomplish much more than modelling alone.

With much to say and communicate with her intimately engaged audience, Zoë highlights the reality behind the influencers lifestyle. Zoë’s message rings true to all audiences younger, older, male or female. Her strong personality and creative, humorous views on everyday life bring a special spark to the scene of social media, and bridges the gap between influencer to audience.

As Zoë manages to unify her audience with jokes, funny stories and music. Zoë is a source of entertainment and adds great value to what any feed. With a ubiquitous connection amongst growing followers there is endless potential for Zoë, taking great pride in raising awareness for mental health and being open about her experiences overcoming her personal obstacles and achieving great success is just another surprise and accomplishment of Zoë’s list of can-do’s.

Zoë dabbles in standup comedy writing her own sets and carefully structuring her performance sets to make the crowd burst out of their seats with laughter (usually the contrast alone of model to comedian is enough to do that, but hey who doesn’t love a bit of yin & yang).

Zoë’s piano, guitar and singing skills are a natural talent and flow through her blood, having a creative and very musical background, Zoë has an undeniable ability to make music look easy and is always working on a new song (funny or sentimental).

Acting has served a great means of realism behind Zoë’s comedy and she has big dreams for the big screen. But for now the little screen will do… keep up with her on Instagram @zoehoad

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