In 2018, we don’t just go online, we live online. Our day-to-day lives are entwined with the online world.

When it comes to maximising the power of influencers in the online space, much like anything related to digital, staying at the forefront of trends requires specialist knowledge and passion.

This is where The Ministry of Talent comes in. Opening in 2012, The Ministry of Talent is Australia’s original and leading digital talent management agency.

Our job is to predict digital trends before they go mainstream, stay ahead of the curve and create perfect influencer alignments that speak to core of your brand.

The role of influencers and creatives in the digital space is ubiquitous – their potential to engage and connect can’t be underestimated. Harnessing the unique power of digital influencers, The Ministry of Talent create collaborations to build awareness and desirability for brands.

Representing a hand-curated selection of Australia’s leading digital influencers across a wide range of industries including fashion, design, beauty, wellbeing, fitness, food as well as image and content creation – The Ministry of Talent is a showcase of the country’s most creative, aspirational and influential social media talent.

Roxy Jacenko


Ever the innovator, Roxy saw a gap in the market and founded The Ministry of Talent in late 2012. Forging a path for new and exciting commercial and creative opportunities, The Ministry of Talent continues to set the standard nationwide for agency representation in the creative space and blogosphere. Roxy has the experience, resources, relationships and vision to create trends and make headlines.

Holly Brooke

Senior Booker

Holly brings her knowledge of the international social media sphere to the The Ministry of Talent as their British import. Holly hails from the UK, with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management from The University of Manchester. With a passion for the influencer landscape and keen eye for sourcing the hottest new talent; Holly brings fresh ideas and concepts to the ever changing landscape of social media.


Danni Carroll


Danni loves social media just as much as a good cup of coffee – possibly why she’s always buzzing and will always know who the latest ‘it girl’ is to follow on Instagram. With a Bachelor in Communications and Business from Bond University, Danni brings a wealth of knowledge to the Ministry of Talent team. Danni will be busy booking fresh talent and pitching exciting ideas to clients. She offers a unique passion for fashion, beauty and lifestyle to the team.

Jackie Carter

Junior Booker

Hailing from a small town in NSW, our Junior Booker Jackie headed to the sunny Gold Coast to complete her communications degree at Griffith University. Upon completion of her time up north, Jackie brought the sunshine; with her brightness and love of all things social media to Sydney – swiftly becoming an integral part of The Ministry of Talent team. Jackie’s attention to detail ensures that the crucial day-to-day aspects of the business are managed with care and efficiency.

Jesse Funk

Graphic Designer

Showing endless enthusiasm for everything Graphic Design, Jesse is the creative genius behind The Ministry of Talent. Growing up in the Northern Beaches, Jesse has a passion for surfing and creating art, having completed his Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication at UTS, he enjoys developing brand identities with an edge. Jesse brings a wealth of creative knowledge to the team and ensures that The Ministry of Talent remains visually innovative and ahead of the curve.

Doreen Davis

Head of Administration

Doreen is The Ministry of Talent’s Head of Administration. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, Doreen oversees day to day operations and ensures organisational efficiency.

Rosalie Xing


Bringing her finely tuned knowledge of Account Management to the team. Rosalie oversees the management of accounts for The Ministry of Talent. Rosalie’s wealth of knowledge, acquired from over 10 years’ experience in accountancy, ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Minouche Porter


Minouche’s career involves over 15 years in all areas of accounting, financial management, HR and administration. Minouche’s experience expands across the creative, hospitality, construction and fashion industries. Approaching the 7 year mark with The Ministry of Talent, Minouche oversees the groups financials for all entities.