Amelia Strofield

Model, Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer- Sydney

Sydney-based beach babe Amelia Strofield inspires Australian girls daily with her active lifestyle, on-point fashion and girl-next door vibes.

Growing up in Brisbane, Amelia was scouted by a modelling agency not long after finishing high school. The beauty soon began shooting campaigns for brands including Sabo Skirt and Billabong. Companies like Nad’s, Telstra and Westfield soon followed suit and began to call on the bombshell asking Amelia to lend her gorgeous face to their widespread campaigns.

It was around the same time that Amelia started her personal Instagram and started posting candid snaps of her fun lifestyle. With a flood of likes and comments blowing up her phone after each update, Amelia realised the power of her social media accounts and how many girls genuinely cared about what she was eating, wearing and visiting on a daily basis.

Passionate about working out, eating well and practicing balance with the occasional treat, Amelia believes a healthy lifestyle is more accessible today and regularly practiced by many girls her own age – a commonality connecting her to many of her followers.

Amelia is available to work alongside like-minded fashion, food, fitness and lifestyle brands.

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