Anita Birges

 Instagram’s Organising, Decluttering and Property Styling Queen – Sydney 

Anita is a decluttering superhero, professional organiser and property stylist. Through her business Mise en Place, Anita works with private clients, media outlets and brands to bring a burst of new life to everything from suitcases to wardrobes, cupboards, rooms and entire homes; creating clean, bright, functional and contemporary spaces.

While it now seems like the obvious career path for Anita, she worked in various industries before realising she could combine all her skills and passions into one dream career. Anita owned a restaurant for 15 years and worked as the Director of Operations for a chain of restaurants in Montreal – both of which undoubtedly called for next-level organisation skills! It was this experience that inspired the name of her brand: Mise en Place. A French culinary term that means ‘everything in its place’.

Anita is a registered member of the Institute of Professional Organisers. She started Mise en Place in 2013, which has developed a loyal following of thousands and a client base who turn to Anita for her services, inspiration and motivation to create beautifully styled and organised homes.

Anita’s binge-worthy before and after pics draw you into an Instagram stalk-session, dreaming of a mega wardrobe cleanout or creating a pantry that would put Khloe Kardashian’s to shame. Showcasing her client work, tips, tricks and latest collaboration projects, Anita curates a practical yet aspirational feed that’s totally addictive! She also enjoys collaborating with brands that assist her cleanly passion.

Anita’s eye for detail, charm and natural presenting style have made her the go-to organising expert for a host of household names including Channel 9’s TODAY Show, P&O Cruises Australia, Westfield Howard’s Storage World, Lojel Travel, Bunnings Warehouse and The Attic just to name a few. Anita’s proven track record has led her to work with celebrities and high-profile clients, helping them streamline their homes, offices and lives. Anita also works with real estate agents to help vendors prepare their home for sale, creating bright and welcoming spaces that make people instantly feel welcome and at home.

Anita’s vision is to help everyone experience the powerful flow-on effects of decluttering; minimising stress and anxiety, creating a sense of calm and creating more time for the things that matter. In our fast-paced, cluttered lives, she shares her magic touch – inspiring us all to declutter, get organised and reimagine our spaces.


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