Average Angela

Far From Average/ Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Influencer- Sydney

Angela grew up in a traditional Chinese family full of doctors, where she pressured herself to fit this mould. However the average path was never for Angela. Angela endeavoured four years into her Medicine Degree, however her passion for beauty, fashion, food and content creation took hold of her future.

Angela’s Instagram @averageangela is like scrolling through a dream, with beautiful imagery, varieties of colour, high end fashion & travel inspiration. Angela’s expertise is in styling and content creation, and she never fails to exceed the norm. Angela’s passion for adventure and discovery keeps her content ahead of the game, Angela is always on the hunt for hidden locations and unique destinations.

Angela shares her story with her 30k dedicated followers. While her imagery is dream like in nature, Angela is the mastermind of seeding out relatable content by sharing her raw story with her followers. Angela is constantly making a positive impact to her followers feed, sharing the ups and downs on her path of self-discovery. Her exquisite content can be found on her Instagram page @averageangela.

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Angela 成长在一个传统的中国医生家庭里,这使得她从小就受到了潜移默化的影响。即便是不成为医生,Angela 也注定不会默默无闻。Angela 用了4年的时间完成了她的医学学位,但是她对时尚,美妆,美食和创作却有着更多的憧憬和热情,也正是这样,使得Angela毅然投身于这一她热爱的行业。
Angela 的Instagram @averageangela 中所展示的内容满足了人们心中对美的渴望,从靓丽的图片,鲜明的色彩到琳琅满目的高端时尚单品以及各种旅行的随笔和感悟,无一不将Angela对造型设计和创新的天赋体现的淋漓尽致,令大众眼前一亮。她对未知事物不断探索与求知的精神也使她成为了行业的佼佼者,她不是在发掘新的去处,就是走在去发掘的路上。
Angela 和她35000名拥趸者一起分享了她成功的经历。她就像大自然中最梦幻的存在,总是能在平凡的事情中去芜存精,并同粉丝分享。她不断给喜爱她的人带来积极的影响,把对日常生活中的每一丝感悟都记录在她的Instagram账号上,期待与大家共同开启一段身心满足的奇妙旅程。

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