Ella Barba of Home Snob

Interior Design Blogger & Mother- Melbourne

Renown for her artistically curated and minimalist designs, Ella Barba is the master behind the interior design and home styling Instagram page, Home Snob. Ella is your go-to muse for all things interior design, house renovation tips, architectural inspiration, and house design hacks.

Initially pursuing a career in Media, with a background in Social Media and PR, Ella’s passion for interior design, homewares, and architecture was always at the forefront of her mind. Before starting her Instagram page, Ella created a personal blog, which became a creative outlet for her and inspired her to dream big and create Home Snob.

Ella describes her style as modern and minimalistic. She often uses light and bright tones with soft earthy textures within her design concepts. Ella boasts that all her creations are affordable and can be done by anyone who is seeking to spice up their home.

The mum of two gives her audience a look inside her creative and wholesome lifestyle through her Instagram pages, with loads of inspiration for all aspiring homeware enthusiasts and budding interior designers, as well as sharing photos of her beautiful family.

Ella and her husband are about to embark on their third house renovation project and will be sharing the process across both her social media pages. Ella is open to all renovation and home styling-related collaborations, and with her new project in the works, there is no better time to get involved.


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