Emma Sheppard

Bass Player, Indie Pop Chic & Influencer- QLD

As the bass player for Sheppard and all-round style inspiration, Emma Sheppard has nailed indie-pop chic with her original look. Take a browse through her Instagram and it will come as no surprise that Emma was actually studying fashion before being lured by her sister Amy Sheppard and brother George to join the band.

Growing up in Papua New Guinea, Emma says she learnt the piano when she was in primary school but always had a natural inclination for fashion and design. Moving to Australia for high school, Emma went on to study fashion at TAFE however soon found finding herself spending more and more time on music. Having never played the bass guitar before, Emma flew to PNG where she learnt to play in a matter of weeks (those early music lessons clearly having an impact!) before joining Sheppard in 2012.

Emma’s Instagram is an organic, visual diary of her day-to-day life. Going on tour, international travels, beachside days, behind the scenes on photo-shoots and inspirational outfit posts dominate Emma’s feed – a colourful, sparkly mix of vintage inspired pieces and the season’s latest trends.

Always seeking to push the boundaries and create uniquely original looks, Emma’s style has its own niche that inspires her thousands of loyal fans. Cute, playful, quirky and bright, Emma nails on and off-stage chic. Emma is also a self-confessed bikini addict and loves mixing up her swimwear wardrobe with a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns and cuts.

Taking cues from her indie-pop lifestyle, Emma Sheppard is an influencer with a fresh and fun-loving take on fashion and beauty. From glitter-adorned makeup looks to retro inspired ensembles with an edge, Emma has an undeniable ability to own her statement making style.

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