Erin Whitty

Fashion Illustrator- Sydney

A published, professional artist since 2009, Erin brings life, energy and attitude to each and every one of her illustrations. Her style is characterised by soft, delicate line work and juxtaposing, bold, black strokes, intricate detail and expressive splashes of colour.

Take one look at her portfolio and you will see that Erin loves to depict glamorous, elegant women as well as the more edgy qualities of street-cool style. Transferring the nuances of these international trends to paper is such a pleasure for Erin, a self-confessed fashion junkie.

For an illustrator, she is unbelievably versatile. While some artists stick to their one stock in trade, Erin takes to all forms of visual media like a duck to water. Whatever the job calls for: watercolour, pastel, pen and ink, lead pencil, or a combination of all four, Erin will always turn out accomplished artwork, and in little time.

Her natural affinity for drawing and painting saw her teaching art classes from as young as 17. She has since been a commissioning artist, a workshop instructor, and more recently, a freelance illustrator. In the last few years Erin has worked closely with actress, Kate Ritchie, television presenter, Neale Whitaker and comedian, Richard Stubbs on their portrait entries for the Archibald Prize.

Erin is one of Australia’s premier fashion illustrators, lending her talents to an impressive range of brands such as Myer, Pandora and Nivea. Graduating with a BA in Creative Advertising and Illustration at RMIT, Erin currently lives in Sydney with her husband, a television director.

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