Fig + Salt

Baker & Creator- Melbourne

Spending her days baking and creating, styling, inventing and generally making people salivate over her delicious goodies, Cassandra Morris is the marvellous talent behind Fig + Salt. Gloriously decadent, rustic and warm, Fig + Salt is an Instagram feed that entices you to snuggle up with a pot of tea and a giant slice of Cass’s magical cake.

For as long as she can remember, Cass has been baking and cooking. As a little girl she was often found helping her mum and grandmothers in the kitchen. One of Cass’s grandmothers was Italian and from a young age she was exposed to a wide range of different flavours, styles and coveted family recipes– many of which she adapts and still uses.

Cass says that she fell into making cakes for friends (who clearly couldn’t get enough of her scrumptious bakes!) when they started asking her to make them for birthdays and celebrations. Soon enough she had her own business Fig + Salt, which grew from cakes to large scale event catering. While she admits to actually having a savoury tooth herself, Cass now focuses purely on cakes and sweets, creating treats that taste as incredible as they look.

A country girl at heart, who loves nothing more than being surrounded and inspired by the lush fields around her, Cass moved back to the Yarra Valley after spending ten years in Sydney. While she regularly travels to both Melbourne and Sydney for work, Cass is most at home cooking up a storm amidst the gorgeous countryside, sourcing the finest ingredients for her recipes locally wherever she can.

Cass’s innate ability to style an immaculate foodie shot has seen Fig + Salt become an Instagram sensation. Never one for gaudy trends or over-the-top styling, Cass is renowned for her simple elegance -think layered cakes piled high with ganache, fruit and flowers, overflowing trays of cupcakes and meringues, golden cookies and giant brownies.

Fig + Salt is a visual journal where Cass shares her latest creations, attracting loyal fans who delight in her stunning images. One of Cass’s favourite pastimes is recipe creation, adding a touch of this and a touch of that to make her next masterpiece. Cass works with brands that share her passion for excellent quality ingredients, getting creative in the kitchen and with her camera to generate content of exceptional quality. Having being showcased in numerous design and wedding publications, Fig + Salt is a food-lovers heaven, bursting with inspiration and ideas.

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