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Illustration & Creative Design- Brisbane

Turning her creative-hand to a wide range of projects, including everything from custom invitations through to large-scale window displays, Heather Hawkins is a Brisbane based illustrator and designer who combines artistic flair with a sleek, fashionable touch.

Heather’s elegant watercolour illustrations and superb eye for detail enable her to create striking artworks that adorn everything from wedding and event invitations, product packaging, fashion campaigns, fonts, crests, prints, branding, stationary and more. Colourful, chic and always unique, Heather’s artworks have the ability to make the brands and events she works for ultra-desirable and completely individual.

Heather has studied fashion styling, fashion business and graphic design at numerous fashion and design schools including Whitehouse Institute of Design, FBI Fashion College and Shillington College. This broad range of skills and insights has enabled her to build a comprehensive understanding of the creative process, something she applies with professionalism and originality to create spectacular illustrations.

While Heather did not always consider herself an illustrator, she says she discovered her passion whilst working as a graphic designer. It wasn’t until she was asked to create wedding invitations for a friend that one thing led to another and before long, orders were rolling in. Just a quick scroll through her addictive Instagram feed, and it’s not hard to understand why!

Drawing on her expertise in fashion and graphic design along with her extraordinary talent as an illustrator, Heather creates bespoke artworks for brands across the fashion, hospitality and lifestyle industries as well as for private clients for weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries and birthdays.

Boasting an impressive roll call of clients, Heather has worked with a range of brands including Camilla, Bollinger, Paspaley, Willow, Une Piece, No Donuts, Lucky You Cleanse, Where the Wild Things Grow, Spotify, Rebecca Vallance, Lite Luxe and Angle Diamond Dot just to name a few. She’s also recently illustrated her first children’s book Lulu Baby Chef, as well as created her own range of bright, patterned activewear, testament to her versatility as a creative (and ability to multi-task like a boss!).

Approaching each and every project with fresh excitement, drive to exceed expectations and a personal touch, Heather creates truly gorgeous artwork that brings brand stories to life.

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