Helen Chik

Lifestyle & Fashion Inspiration- Sydney

Digital content creator extraordinaire Helen Chik has an affinity for colour – showcasing bold hues, fresh musings and covetable lifestyle inspiration through Instagram and her blog. Featuring her Carrie Bradshaw-esque ensembles, dreamy lifestyle imagery and luxurious travels, Helen’s work is inspiring in every sense.

Helen grew up in a traditional Chinese-Australian family where she was encouraged to pursue one of only a few ‘acceptable’ careers. She always excelled academically, especially when it came to mathematics and business, so went on to complete a double degree in Actuarial Studies and Applied Finance. After finishing her university studies, Helen landed a role with Macquarie Bank where she worked in finance. Before long though, she realised she held long-harboured creative ambition and felt unfulfilled. She just knew it wasn’t for her, so began looking elsewhere for a creative outlet.

Helen started her blog and Instagram in 2015, purely as a hobby but her strong business mind and professional approach soon saw her following and traction skyrocket. Working full-time, travelling and juggling her blog on the side, Helen landed her first client within months of starting. Within two years, she had a built her personal brand to the point she was ready to take it full-time, making the decision to leave her corporate career.

Helen remembers being walked out of Macquarie Bank on her last day, laughing to herself that the only way she’d ever be back there was if she was invited to speak at an event. It was just an amusing daydream at the time, but Helen found herself just a few short years later back in the same building; presenting as an expert on social media presence and branding – a sure sign that she was doing exactly what she was meant to.

One scroll through Helen’s feed and it’s immediately obvious that she’s a natural born creative, her composition, use of colour and engaging commentary ensuring that her posts stand out for all the right reasons. While the trend for neutral toned wardrobes lives on, especially on social media, Helen’s bright, colourful clothes and eye-catching images stand out, something that has become her trademark as she builds her impressive list of long-term clients.

Helen has worked with a number of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands including; Sony – as an ambassador for their Point & Shoot Cameras, Sunglasses Hut, Amex, Estee Lauder, Jurlique, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, Voss, Country Road, H&M, Contiki, Swisse Vitamins, Olay, You by Uniworld, Lexus, Mimco, Nude by Nature, The Iconic, Sportsgirl, Ikea, Elizabeth Arden and Office Works, just to name a few. More than just a prolific content creator, Helen also prides herself on the exceptional quality of her work, with many clients continuing to collaborate long-term.

Not only has she taken the influencer and digital content creation world by storm, Helen is a savvy business woman with a number of additional projects in the works. Thanks to her lust-worthy style and eye for trends, Helen has worked as the freelance Grazia Market Editor for the past three years.  Helen is also currently writing her first book, a guide to modern dating, as well as working on an app which she’s keeping under wraps for now but is a sure testament to her never-ending creativity and drive. Oh, and let’s not forget she’s also a mum to the adorable 1-year-old Jacob!

Fuelled by endless creative energy, laser focused vision and a magic touch for connecting brands with their audience, Helen Chik is re-writing the digital content creation rule book with her vibrant and contemporary aesthetic.

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