Lachlan Stuart

Performance Coach & Advocate- Brisbane

Lachlan is our dynamic Podcast host, author and athlete. Founder of The Man That Can Project which focuses on workshops & programs, also boasts his Podcast TMTCP which empowers men to create more muscle, momentum, meaning & mate ship.

With this, Lachlan is a firm believer in men being successful and reaching their goals without sacrificing other important areas of their life – with this mantra taking him day-to-day. Lachlan’s page is a seamless mix of lifestyle, fitness and family, further diversifying himself by being a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Lachlan’s focus on mental health shines through with his profile, where he is a source of encouragement and honesty to his following – This sentiment is further shared through his posts and podcast episodes. With over 240 episodes, which put the spotlight on the male mind by sharing real and raw conversations about life’s challenges and our way of thinking.

Lachlan is a jack of all trades! This top-level athlete is also currently training for the Australian Titles 400m in 2022 while also writing a book called “8 Areas All Men Must Master” which will be released in 2021. With his passion for fitness and challenging himself in all aspects of his life, Lachlan covers many verticals, having worked alongside Lululemon at an ambassadorial level.

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