Lisa Hyde

Girl Boss / Fashion & Lifestyle Mummy Influencer – Sydney

Girl boss & ex-Bachelor-in-Paradise reality star, Lisa Hyde, is a modern woman through and through. Defying the standard definition of a fashion and lifestyle influencer, Lisa’s social media content beautifully portrays a life filled with style, beauty, health, love, business & motherhood.

Covering a rich diversity of content, Lisa is the thinking girl’s guide to living a balanced and beautiful life in every sense. As the founder and creative director of in-demand sunglass brand, Shevoke, Lisa has a polished and authoritative tone which allows her to thoughtfully influence her followers in terms of their everyday fashion, home wares & beauty choices.

Ever evolving, engaging and chic, Lisa’s lifestyle content now features quite a few cameos from the mum-side-of-life with bub Myja-Jae and partner Damon.

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